January 2022 – Launch of HEARTS project

ADIS is the industrial partner of the HEARTS (HEart Augmented Reality Training System) project leaded by Computer Vision Lab at EPFL and with the CHUV (Cardiology Department) as a research partner.

This project aims to provide a reality system to train interventionalists to practice and to plan percutaneous operations on virtual 3D models of actual post-infarct patients’ hearts. It will enable interventionalists to practice on virtual 3D models of real patients’ hearts.  In a more operational context, it will allow interventionalists to simulate and to plan operations, before performing them.



To this end, the patient’s actual scars will be incorporated into the simulation environment. In both cases, the damaged heart tissue will have been modelled from Magnetic Resonance Imaging stacks, which has been established as one of the key modalities to detect abnormalities in the structure and function of the post-infarct heart.

The HEARTS project is part of the ARTS program and represents an important step in the ability to produce 3D virtual hearts based on real patient MRI images. The virtual cores will be used by the ARTSim simulator for training as well as by the ARTMRI module during real-world operations.

In addition to modelling the real heart of the patient in 3D, the objective is to model the conduction channels using learning-based methods.

The use of a 3D virtual view of the patient’s heart including visualization of conduction channels and scars will increase the precision and efficiency of simulation and visualization modules with MRI in real conditions.

This project is supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse).

ADIS is the industrial partner of this project and participates financially with the support of SPEI-Vaud

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