ARTS is a new AR & AI platform for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. It consists of:

  • A catheter recognition system for detecting and tracking real catheter in 3D space,
  • A machine learning software producing patient specific 3D virtual hearts with scar regions from MRI images automatically,
  • An integrated software suite that improves the success of the procedure by guiding the interventionalist in the MRI environment to navigate and position the catheter accurately,

The ARTS platform facilitates the detection of pathologies, the training of practitioners, the simulation and the personalization of interventions guided by MRI.


ARTS: A Paradigm Shift in Cardiac Interventions

Cardiac ablation procedures are considered as the gold standard procedure for treating patients to prevent them from deadly cardiac arrythmias resulting from previous heart attacks. With current state-of-the-art management, an increasing portion of patients survive an acute heart attack, but unfortunately, they often suffer from long-term sequelae of the infarction.

In the post-infarction heart, scar tissue is formed, and it can contain “slow conducting channels” which represent the substrate for such potentially deadly arrhythmias. Novel cardiac MRI-based techniques show potential to detect these “slow conducting channels.”

Therefore, as the first step to successfully manage post-infarction patients, it is crucial to detect and visualize these complex scar structures in 3-dimensional space to identify those post-infarction patients at risk for sudden cardiac death in order to perform an accurate cardiac ablation procedure to eliminate the “slow conducting channels”.

SImulaton Platform
ARTS platform enables cardiologists to perform precise diagnosis, personalized ablation planning, and tailored training on ablation interventions for each specific patient.

The ARTS platform is a complete system including a diagnostic and treatment proposal tool (HeARTS) and a simulation tool to plan and simulate the ablation intervention (ARTSim). HeARTS is an artificial intelligence-powered MRI image analysis tool that can automatically detect the gross heart anatomy of the heart and the different types and 3D-shapes of scars in the heart muscle.

As a result of these analyses, it produces a single 3D model of the heart with its scar zones including the “slow conducting channels” within few minutes. HeARTS also provides tools for the cardiologist to visualize the scar structures and to interact with this 3D heart model efficiently in order to understand the scar and channel formations.

The 3D heart model generated by HeARTS can be used by ARTSim, the simulation tool to plan and prepare for the MRI-guided cardiac ablation procedure.

Given the complexity of maneuvering a catheter inside the heart chambers, ARTSim gives the opportunity to plan and simulate the procedure many times before performing it on a patient.

Using ARTSim, the interventionalist will replicate the same experience including the real time visualization of the catheter maneuvers within the patient’s virtual hearts. To enable this, ADIS has developed cutting-edge augmented reality software to track the physical catheter and display its movement inside the virtual heart in 3 dimensions.

The ARTS platform also allows to train young interventionalists on individual hearts of real patients so to prepare them for MR-guided ablation procedures.
With ARTS platform, ADIS is introducing a new paradigm in cardiac interventions.



Our products are intended for assistance with surgical interventions based on Computer vision and Deep learning technologies.


Advanced Touchless Image Control System

Provides a touchless gesture recognition system for medical imaging control in sterile environment.

  • Autonomous images control by surgeon without touching any device or the screen
  • Configurable gesture-to-function presetting
  • Accurate positioning in 3 axes
  • Highly intuitive user experience
  • Point, Flat and Fist posture
  • Image control: WW/WL, Zoom, Pan, Scroll, Measure


Tracking Software

TRACKR AI solution is a software suite including algorithm for visualization, localization and real-time tracking of the catheter under MR-guided SIRT. The product is in development and will be applied to Nano4Imaging guidewire family.

This software is part of the comming product DELIVR – A turn-key solution for precision dose delivery in MR-guided selective internal radiotherapy (SIRT).

  • Accurate modelling of passive tracking markers
  • Direct image reconstruction available for image analysis
  • Interactive real-time image position adjustment and angulation functionality during continuous scanning
  • Receive real-time images, track the catheters in these images, and fuse the catheter position data with diagnostic and intra-interventional information

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