Medical imaging Products

Exploit cutting-edge technologies through our strategic partnerships and develop products that help the clinician in his medical operation.

Advanced Touchless Image Control System

Provides a touchless gesture recognition system for medical imaging control in sterile environment.
  • Autonomous images control by surgeon without touching any device or the screen
  • Configurable gesture-to-function presetting
  • Accurate positioning in 3 axes
  • Highly intuitive user experience
  • Point, Flat and Fist posture
  • Image control: WW/WL, Zoom, Pan, Scroll, Measure


Augmented Reality Training System

ARTS is a new platform for training cardiologists and electrophysiologists in MRI-Guided ablation procedures of cardiac arrhythmias.
  • 3D recognition hardware system of
    real catheters manipulation with tip positioning and tracking (The MRI environment simulator)
  • Machine Learning software producing a virtual and accurate 3D heart mapping including lesions anatomy of the patient’s heart
  • An integrated software suite guiding the interventionalist in the MRI environment to navigate and position the catheter accurately and to control the success of the procedure
  • The ARTS platform facilitates the detection of pathologies, the training of practitioners, the simulation and the personalization of interventions guided by MRI.


Tracking Software

TRACKR AI solution is a software suite including algorithm for visualization, localization and real-time tracking of the catheter under MR-guided SIRT. The product is in development and will be applied to Nano4Imaging ( guidewire family.

  • Accurate modelling of passive tracking markers
  • Direct image reconstruction available for image analysis
  • Interactive real-time image position adjustment and angulation functionality during continuous scanning
  • Receive real-time images, track the catheters in these images, and fuse the catheter position data with diagnostic and intra-interventional information

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