NOVEMBER 2023 – ADIS and Imricor JDA

ADIS Signs Joint Development Agreement with Imricor for AI Modules in NorthStar.

ADIS is excited to announce a transformative Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Imricor, MN United States) (ASX: IMR), a pioneer in interventional cardiac magnetic resonance (iCMR) therapies.

Under this agreement, ADIS and Imricor will join forces to integrate ADIS’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules into Imricor’s  NorthStar 3D mapping system. This collaboration begins with the implementation of ADIS automatic segmentation of cardiac chambers from MRI images, a cutting-edge feature that promises to significantly reduce time during iCMR procedures.

ARTS Platform

Furthermore, the partnership extends to enhancing ADIS’s ARTS Platform. This innovative platform facilitates users in guiding Imricor’s Vision-MR Ablation Catheters within a physical tabletop device, offering a simulated yet realistic interaction with the catheter’s position relative to MRI-derived patient anatomy. Initially developed with its own user interface, ARTS will now be integrated with NorthStar’s user interface, harmonizing the user experience across both platforms.

With the worldwide increase in cardiac arrhythmias, our partnership will enable efficient training of the next generation of electrophysiologists that perform catheter ablations. Currently, the training of EPs is mainly based on support, where teaching of catheter guidance is carried out on patients  referred for procedures. While several other fields have established the usefulness of simulators in accelerating the learning process, increasing safety, and establishing procedural roadmaps, there are not yet dedicated EP simulators based on the actual anatomy of the patients.

Hussein Ballan, Chairman of ADIS, commented: “We trust that the partnership between ADIS and Imricor will bring tremendous breakthrough in the iCMR procedures since our common vision in this Joint Development Alliance is to provide the medical institutions an end-to-end platform enabling a significant increase in efficiency, accuracy and success rate of the iCMR procedures. The ARTS platform with NorthStar is the perfect combination providing Electrophysiologists the ultimate tool to prepare and execute successful interventions, starting from the patient’s raw MRI images and ending with the real intervention and using the same tools and iCMR environment.”

Georges Caron, CEO of ADIS, commented: “By complementing our ARTS platform with Imricor’s NorthStar 3D mapping system and integrating our Advanced AI algorithms, we offer healthcare professionals a highly realistic and intelligent simulation environment. This integration not only refines their procedural skills, but also equips them with sophisticated, AI-enhanced decision-making capabilities, essential for complex cardiac interventions. This fusion creates an unparalleled simulation experience for practitioners, providing a level of realism and analytical depth that significantly improves the understanding and execution of complex cardiac procedures”.

Imricor NorthStar 3D Mapping System

This joint effort is poised to revolutionize the field of cardiac care, offering numerous benefits such as reduced training time for iCMR procedures, enabling patient-specific procedure planning and simulation prior to live procedures, and broadening access to MRI-guided ablation experience for physicians. Ultimately, this collaboration underscores both ADIS and Imricor’s commitment to advancing cardiac care through innovative technology, ensuring that patients receive the most accurate, efficient, and effective treatment possible.

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